8th June


Electricity is a great power source and machines are great inventions but we must be careful. Let's watch these videos for learning a little more:

  • Electrical safety tips for kids:

  •  And have you ever wondered why birds don't get hurt on power cables? Let's watch the following videos:

So we cannot forget we need to follow some rules for avoiding problems. Electricity let us use different machines but we need to handle with care.




2nd June


Have you realised how many things were invented during 19th and 20th? It's astonishing, isn't it? 

  •  Do you know Thomas Edison biography? You'll be surprised. He did 1000 attempts at inventing light bulb and finally he got that. He never gave up.

And if you want to learn some curiosities about inventions, let's watch this video (it's a little long, but  it's worth watching it). Do you know who discovered the cocoa? Or play-doh?

 Do you want to be an inventor? What do you want to create? Let's imagine!




18th May


Are you ready for the experiments? Sure!! This video will help you to do them. Can you imagine science could be so fun? It's like magic, isn't it? (by the way, have you notice that "it's like magic, isn't it" is a question tag?


  • And have you ever thought of storms? And lightning? How does lightning form?

  • Do you know what a lightning rod (pararrayos) is? And how does it work?


Did you know that? Wow, it's interesting, isn't it? What do you think of static electricity? Is it easier now? I hope so 😏



12th May


  • What is electricity? This video will help you to understand what electricity is 😉:


  •  Science can be fun 😅!! Do you thing electricity is boring? Are you sure? Some tricks with static electricity 😜. It's like magic, isn't it?
  •  Static electricity? Current electricty? If you want to learn more about static and current electricity, watch this video:

  Is it easier now👍 ?  I hope so 😉



4th May



We're starting a new unit? Are you ready? We use electricity every day. It's really useful for our daily lives but we have to handle it with care. If you understand how it works and you follow safety rules there'll be no problem. Here you'll find some videos that can help you:

  • What is electricity?


  • Conductors and insulators: Do you remember when we studied conductors and insulators in the previous unit? Let’s study conductors and insulators again… but now we’re talking about electricity. 
  •  If you want to learn more, click here. 


    And finally.... Have you ever heard the history of the light bulb? Who was the inventor of light bulb? Hummmm... are you sure?? Let's see:


    Now you're absolutely ready for studying the unit 😉.




22nd April


Did you know that today is "Earth day"?  

<a href="">Vector de Fondo creado por freepik -</a>

And... this is connected to our topic. The excessive use of artificial light causes light pollution.

So, what can we do? Let's see how we can contribute to protect animals from light pollution:


And... are you aware of noise pollution 😕? Let's watch this video:

If you want to learn more:



14th April

  • Conductors and Insulators: These videos will help you to understand the concept. 

Is it easier now? I hope so!


30th March


After watching these videos, you'll be an expert 😉

  • Refraction:

  • Reflexion

  • Refraction and reflexion:

And now, an experiment to see how it works (you can try it at home)

Good luck!

20th March

NEW UNIT: Light and heat

Hi kids! We're starting a new unit. 

These videos will help you to understand the topic:

Light (for helping you to understand "light" -page 70. Natural Science book-)

Materials and light (for helping you to understand "materials and light" -p.71 -Natural Science book-).

Is it easier now? I hope so!!

13th March 2019


Hi kids! Welcome to the Natural Science blog.

We're going to review some contents from the unit through different videos. Let's start!!

- Kinetic and potential energy (click on the picture below):

- Geothermal energy (click on the picture below):

- Water energy (click on the picture below):

If you like the videos, don't forget to leave your comments below! 

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